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It’s nothing like a bold accessory to compliment your look! Shop Bangles N’ Beyond for must have accessories from charm bangles, Apple watch bands, keychains, custom crocs, car pendants, anklets & more!

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My Name Is Kendria Jones And I Am The CEO Of Bangles N' Beyond! I Am 19 Years Old. Ever Since I Was Young, I Always LOVED All Things Artsy From Drawing, Painting And Sewing. But My Mom Is The Main Reason For My Passion For Fashion.

I Received A Custom Bracelet Each Birthday Since I Was A Baby Up Until I Was About 9 Years Old. I Even Remember Having This Matching Leopard Necklace And Earring Set That Matched My Book Bag And Lunch Box in Middle School. There Isn't A Photo Of Me From When I Was Younger Without Jewelry.

As I Got Older It Turned Into Different Hair Accessories & Jewelry As I Discovered My Style. Overtime I Started Making My Own Jewelry And Upholstering A Variety Of Clothes And Accessories In Order To Wear My Personality & Express My Style.